Juice Fasting Diet

Due to the large propartion of highly processed foodstuff that we consume daily and the unlclean air that we are breathing, our body accumulates a lot of toxins. The body tries its best to eliminate all these toxins, but can end up rather stressed as a result of this modern life overload. Symptoms can occur, such as heavy chronic headaches, skin allergy, premature skin ageing, etc.

Can we do anything to help our body?  Try a juice fast, which is a safe way to detox! Studies have been carried out on the benefits to our body when juice fasting. We can increase our lifespan, treat bio chemical imbalances, reduce our cholesterol levels, treat allergies, acne, etc. In juice fasting, by giving the body a rest from food and minimizing digestion, the immune system can concentrate solely on elimination of those toxins, with the aid of the specialist organs of elimination, the liver, pancreas, gall bladder, kidneys, intestines, skin, etc.

During a longer term of fast (3 + days), the body will begin to burn off and digest its own tissues by process of autolysis in a healthy and discriminate manner. It will first decompose and burn those cells and tissues, which are diseased, damaged, aged or dead (tumors, morbid cells, abscesses, excess fat deposits, etc.). The stomach size shrinks and becomes less acid. Then, certain detox symptoms are experienced eg. acne breakouts, fatigue, headaches, as the body eliminates its toxins. These symptoms should ease and we will feel a renewed sense of health and well-being!

You can juice almost any fruit and vegetables that you can eat raw. Vegetables that are good for juicing include tomatoes, cucumbers, celery and carrots. Fruit vegetable combinations taste delicious. For example, apple and carrot juice makes a nice blend. Another nice combination is apple, celery and tomato. For vegetable and fruit skins, peel them off especially if you suspect that they have been sprayed. If you can use organic fruits, this will be much better. Rinse off in filtered or distilled water.

How to Juice for Juice Fasting? It is recommended to dilute your juice 50/50 with water, especially if you are using fruits and the juice is too sweet. Use distilled water, if possible, for diluting. Also, remember that you can’t buy freshly prepared juice from a supermarket or any juice that comes from a packet, despite what the label on the packet says. Any juice in a carton, can or bottle has been heat treated for preservation and will have lost a lot of enzyme which is a crucial part of your fast – so don’t cheat!! Juice has to be prepared fresh!  This means that you either find a store that prepares it right before you drink it or you use a juicer yourself.

Be prepared for  a really great glowing feeling after fasting on juice – this feeling will last for weeks!